The Flutes

Keyless Model | Upgradable Keyless Model | Model with keys

L'atelierBased on a modified Rudall & Rose model, my instruments are made of four parts ; the head joint, the upper joint, the lower joint, and the foot joint. The flutes are in D. The A is tuned to 440 Hz when the slide is pulled out about 1cm. That way it can be tuned higher if needed.

I use black wood from Mozambia —aka Grenadilla (dalbergia melanoxylon)— or european boxwood.

The head joint is doubled with brass on the whole inner length, to get a more timbered sound.

I make all caps of glass fibered 6.6 polyamid, which is quite stiff. Compared to cork caps, they contribute to more timber in the sound.

Keyless Model

This is the simplest—hence cheaper—model, with 6 holes. You can play in the most common keys used in irish traditional music : D major, G major and their minor relatives on 2 and a half octavia. This model can’t be upgraded afterwards.

Upgradable Keyless Model

This model has the same set of characteristics as the keyless one, but can be upgraded into a completely keyed model. It features six holes and all humps ready to get keys afterwards.

The classic model has humps for six keys, but the other humps for the double B♭ transmission and the C/C♯ for the foot joint can be added if needed.

Although it is more expensive than the simple model, this way you can get a complete keyed flute on demand as you can afford.

Model with keys

This model features keys for high C, B♭, G♯, the double F♮ and E♭. On top of that you can get the double B♭ transmission to play it either with the left thumb or the right index. You can also get the keys for the low C/C♯.

The keys make the flute be entirely chromatic on almost 3 octavia. Almost any music can be played (considering this is not a piano, keep in mind your flute has a narrower pitch range).